The Sunday Night Shiur
Rabbi Tuvia Vinitsky

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The Inner Meaning of Megilas Esther
Shiur Week #1 From Jerusalem to Shushan Download
Shiur Week #2 Move My Chair Up (handout here) Download
Shiur Week #3 Pick Me Your Majesty Download
Shiur Week #4 The New Queen of Mystery Download
Shiur Week #5 And Shushan Was Bewildered Download
Shiur Week #6 The Cry of Mordechai Download
Shiur Week #7: Esther and Dovid        Get handout here Download
Shiur Week #8: Don't Get Up for Me Download
Shiur Week #9: Shouldn't the Megila Be Over? Download
Shiur Week #10: Yom Kippur and Purim Download
Shiur Week #11: Shushan, Where Are Thy Walls? Download
Shiur Week #12: And the Inner Meaning Is . . . Download
Shiur Week #13: Writing the Letters. Download
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Special Shiurim
Tefilla, Tehillim, and Tisha B'Av
(Aneinu Three Weeks Kinus)
Aneinu Teleconference Shiur: Psalm 23 and the Purpose of Tehillim download
Chanukah 5765: The Inner Meaning of Chanukah download
Chanukah 5770: The Inner Meaning of Chanukah Revisited download
Purim 5767: The Meaning of Purim download

Shavuos 5767 Aneinu Teleconference Shiur:
Psalm 19: A Song for Shavuos ( the avodah in our times for Shavuos)

Shavuos 5767: The Inner Meaning of Shavuos download
Rosh HaShana 5767: The Inner Meaning of the Shofar download
Aseres Yamei Teshuvah download
Yom Kippur 5767: The Inner Meaning of Yom Kippur download
High Holidays 5773: The Inner Meaning of the Ten Days of Repentence download
Sukkos 5767: The Inner Meaning of Sukkos download
A Woman's Stake in Learning Torah download
Mashiach: Why We Want You download
Nefesh Chaya - A Woman's Avodah download
Emunah Bitachon and Histapkus - Psalm 62 (Yeshurun) download
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The Inner Meaning of Megilas Rus
Shiur Week #1: The Spirit of Machlon Download
Shiur Week #2: (Tape Damaged)
Shiur Week #3: The Mother-in-law Download
Shiur Week #4: Boaz, Meet Rus Download
Shiur Week #5:
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Secrets of the Nevi'im
Shoftim 1 Download
Shoftim 18 Download
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Tehillim Shiurim Downloads from Sunday Night Shiur
Tehillim Title Sample Topics  
Psalm 1 (not available)    
Psalm 2 "The War of Gog U'Magog"   download
Psalm 3 "Welcome Home Son: Dovid and Avshalom"
Part 1
Psalm 4 "Three Words Too Many: Dovid and Avshalom "
Part 2"
Psalm 5 (not available)    
Psalm 6 "Get Well Soon: Dovid's Worry and Illness" Halachos and hashkafos of saying Tehillim download
Psalm 7

"Dovid and Shaul: The Torn Garment"

Free will and fate download
Psalm 8 "The Sun, Moon and Stars: The Ark Comes Home"   download
Psalm 9 (not available)    
Psalm 10 "Golius, Conquered Lands, and Wicked People"   download
Psalm 11 "To Flee or Not to Flee, That is the Question"   download
Psalm 12 "Can I Sell You a Bridge, Buddy? . . .
Smooth Talkers and Shimini Atzeres"
Psalm 13 "Ad Anah ....... Until When?" Story of golus download
Psalm 14      
Psalm 15 "Only 11 Mitzvos . . . ." Summary of taryag mitvos from Prophets. download
Psalm 16    
Psalm 17    
Psalm 18 - Part 1 "You Stay Home, Rebbe" Dovid's favorite Psalm.
Being an eved Hashem.
Being saved from enemies.
Psalm 18 - Part 2 "Punishments and Thanksgiving" Right mida at the right time.
Rationalizing one's actions.
Dovid enumerates his righteousness.
Psalm 19 "Think About This"   download
Psalm 20 "Off to War" Rules of war in the Torah and Dovid's time. download
Psalm 21 "The Annointed Kings" Seeing joy in the world. download
Psalm 22 "Purim"   download
Psalm 23 "Parnasah" (Special Aneinu Leader Shiur) download
Psalm 24 "Sunday in the Bais HaMikdash"   download
Psalm 25 "The ABC's of Tehillim" Keeping your balance in a hectic world with the ABC's of being Jewish download
Psalm 26 "Make Me Like the Avos"
Dovid, test from Heaven, and Bat-Sheva download
Psalm 27 "Where Is the Enemy" Shivtey B'Vais . . . download
Psalm 28     available soon
Psalm 29     available soon
Psalm 30 "The Inauguration Song" Dedication of Bais HaMikdash , Dovid's illness download
Psalm 31 "The Monster Under the Bed - No Revenge Today" Dovid's attitude towards Shaul and revenge download
Psalm 32 "The Happy Sinner" Types of sins and forgiveness download
Psalm 33 "The Symphony" How Hashem controls the world via nature and hashgacha download
Psalm 34 "What Use is Madness?"
Turn from evil, Dovid amongst the Plishtim download
Psalm 35 "My Adversaries: Dovid' Foreign Policy" Dovid's request about enemies, types of humiliation , gila and simcha , Avshalom's tricks
Feeling Dovid's anguish as our own
An MRI checkup for the neshama
Psalm 36 "The Evil Inclination" How to fight the yezter hara download
Psalm 37 "Listen Up!" Simplistic impressions. download
Psalm 38 "Woe Onto Me"   download
Psalm 39 "Futility and Life" Dovid and his illness download
Psalm 40 "A New Song" Dovid's recovery and his song about it and hoping. Kavo Kavisi. download
Psalm 41 "Arise from Thy Bed" Dovid's recovery from severe illness, his 'perfect' service , purpose of illness download
Psalm 42 "Longing for Mashiach"   download
Psalm 43 "Longing for Redemption"   download
Psalm 44     not available
Psalm 45 "Love, Jewish Style"   download
Psalm 46 "Wars, Wars, and More Wars "   not available
Psalm 47 "Sound the Shofar"   download
Psalm 48 "The Architect "   not available
Psalm 49 "The Big Bucks"   download
Psalm 50 "Sacrifices"   download
Psalm 51

"Bat-Sheva and Repentance"
Part 1

Philosophy of teshuva and story of Dovid and Bat-Sheva download
Psalm 51 "Bat-Sheva and Repentance" - Part 2   download
Psalm 52 "Killing Me Softly"   download
Psalm 53 "The Burning of the Temple" Being an eved Hashem download
Psalm 54 "Worse than Doeg"
Meaning of achdus
(note: story mentioned on tape was from early 1950's, not 1960's.)
Psalm 55 "Dovid's Best Friend"   download
Psalm 56 "The Wandering Jew"   download
Psalm 57 "Cutting Corners and a Pack of Lions "   download
Psalm 58 "The Missing Spear: Honesty is the Best Policy"   download
Psalm 59 "Out the Bedroom Window: Who am I Anyway?"   download
Psalm 60 "Grab Your Sword and Cheer the Sanhedrin"
What is daas Torah download
Psalm 61

"Have a Seat, Your Majesty"

Praying by reflex vs by plan download
Psalm 62 "Lean on Me"
Meaning of emunah and bitachon download
Psalm 63 "The Ziphim - Again!"   download
Psalm 64 "Dovid and Daniel in Babylon"
Mida k'neged mida. download
Psalm 65 "One Plague at a Time, Please"   download
Psalm 66 "Daydreaming and Splitting the Sea"   download
Psalm 67 "What's That on Your Sword"   download
Psalm 68 - Part 1 "Choose Me, Please!"
Meaning of "chosen people" download

Psalm 68 - Part 2

"Praise and the Holocaust"   download
Psalm 69 "The Heat of the Forge" Surviving in golus download
Psalm 70 "We Who Lead"   download
Psalm 71 "A Big Sigh" Old age, infirmity download
Psalm 72 "I Crown You King Solomon "
Psalm 73 "I Think You Got It!" Definition of segula, halachos of saying Tehillim, wisdom download
Psalm 74 "Upside Down"   download
Psalm 75 "Happy Days Are Here Again"   download
Psalm 76 "You, Me, and Us" King Chizkiyahu, giving praise, being a wave in the ocean download
Psalm 77 "Here and There"   download
Psalm 78 - Pt 1 "Class is in Session" Learning from history download
Psalm 78 - Pt 2 "Class is Still in Session - 1" Learning from history download
Psalm 78 - Pt 3 "Class is Still in Session - 2" Learning from history download
Psalm 79 "What Goes Down Must Come Up"   download
Psalm 80 "This Land is My Land"   download
Psalm 81 "How to Stop a War" how we can stop the war download
Psalm 82 "Here Comes The Judge "   download
Psalm 83 "It Ain't Over 'Till Somebody Sings" the power of praise as tefilah download
Psalm 84 "The Kids Are Back"   download
Psalm 85 "The Picture on the Gate"   download
Psalm 86 "On the Run Again" G-d's biggest Wonder. How to really achieve tefillah. download
Psalm 87 "The Holy City"   download
Psalm 88 "Feeling Good"   download
Psalm 89 "Shalom Aleichem, Rebbe"   download
Psalm 90 "The Tribe of Reuvain"   download
Psalm 91 "The Tribe of Levi"   download
Psalm 92 "Sing The Song of Shabbos"   download
Psalm 93 "Keep on Walkin' - The Tribe of Binyamin"  
Psalm 94 "The Tribe of Gad" nature and purpose of yissurim
Psalm 95 "Come and Sing"   coming soon
Psalm 96 "The Tribe of Zevulun"   download
Psalm 97 "Inside Out"   download
Psalm 98 "The Tribe of Naftali"   download
Psalm 99 "The Tribe of Dan"   download
Psalm 100 "The Tribe of Asher"   coming soon
Psalm 101 "Insides and Outsides"   download
Psalm 102 "Hope and Despair"   download
Psalm 103 "I'm a Soul Man" wearing blinders, living life in response to outside stimuli (*) download
Psalm 104 "The Rosh Chodesh Song"   download
Psalm 105 "Be it Ever So Humble" A personal favorite -TBV coming soon
Psalm 106 "And So It Goes " Summary at end of book 4 of Tehillim of how to bring the geula. download
Psalm 107 Wisecracks and Wiseguys   coming soon
Psam 108 "Rallying the Troops   coming soon
Psam 109     coming soon
Psam 110     coming soon
Psam 111     coming soon
Psam 112 "Fear of Heaven   download
Psam 113     coming soon
Psam 114     coming soon
Psam 115 "Dead Men Tell No Tales   download
Psam 116     coming soon
Psam 117     coming soon
Psam 118 "Way Down Deep   download
Psam 119     coming soon
Psalm 120     coming soon
Psam 121     coming soon
Psam 122     coming soon
Psam 123     coming soon
Psam 124     coming soon
Psam 125     coming soon
Psam 126     coming soon
Psam 127     coming soon
Psam 128  The Good of Yerushalaim   download
Psam 129     coming soon
Psam 130  From the Depths I Will Call   download
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Sunday Night Hashkafa
Shiur #1: AP Credits in Shamayim: A Women's Role in Learning Torah not available
Shiur #2: The Inner Meaning of Tehillim and the Life of Dovid HaMelech not available
Shiur #3: Today's Women and Mental Health: Borchi Nafshi download
Shiur #4: Shavuos and the Pintele Yid: Here a Jew, There a Jew, Everywhere a Jew download
Shiur #5: Mashiach: Why Do We Want You download
Shiur #6: Yehoshua, Rachav, and the Shidduch Crisis download
Shiur #7: The Last Leg of Belief: Emunah, Bitachon, and Histapkus in New Haven download
Shiur #8: Kol Sasson V'Kol Simcha Kol Choson V'Kol Kallah download
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