The Sunday Night Shiur
Rabbi Tuvia Vinitsky

Secrets of the Nevi'im
Hoshea 1 and 2: Here Comes the Navi Download
Hoshea 3 and 4: The Rebellious Cow Download
Hoshea 5 and 6: An Uneven Split Download
Hoshea 7 and 8: Here a Nation, There a Nation, Everywhere a Nation Download
Hoshea 9 and 10: Thous Shalt Mourn Download
Hoshea 11: Pick Me, Pick Me Download
Hoshea 12: A Little Town in Missouri Download
Hoshea 13-14: Goodbye Ephraim Download
Yoel 1: The Swarm Download
Yoel 2: Sound the Trumpet Download
Yoel 3-4: Remove Thy Sin Download
Amos 1-2: 1,2,3,4 Please Sin No More Download
Amos 3-4: Answer Me This Download
Amos 5: Say Goodbye Download